Miss World 2016 to be held in USA

The 2016 Miss World pageant will take place in Washington, District of Columbia (USA) on Tuesday, December 20th.  The announcement was made public this morning by the Miss World America organization, local partners of Miss World in the United States.

Contestants from about 130 countries will participate in the 3-week festival leading up to the crowning of a new Miss World.

This the 66th edition of the world’s largest beauty contest, and the second time it is held on US soil, after taking place in Atlanta (Georgia) in 1991.


Miss World 1991, for the first time held in Atlanta, USA

Further details will be disclosed as the event gets closer.  The reigning Miss World is Spain’s Mireia Lalaguna.

A lot of speculations are raised, regarding Miss World 2nd time in USA. One of them is this year’s host. Missosology once annonced that the reigning U.S first lady, Michelle Obama and former Miss World 2000 from India, Priyanka Chopra will be hosting Miss World 2016. Another source also announced that U.S largest TV network, ABC will broadcast this year’s Miss World in USA.

I do have a unique speculation regarding the judges for Miss World 2016. I hope that maybe Miss World Organization will make my list come true. Here it is my prediction for Miss World 2016:


  1. Michelle Obama – U.S First Lady (main host)
  2. Priyanka Chopra – Miss World 2000 from India (main host)
  3. Megan Young – Miss World 2013 from Philippines (backstage host)
  4. Frankie Cena – Canadian model & TV personality, Mr. World Canada 2012 (backstage host)


  1. Julia Morley – CEO Miss World Limited, President International Variety of Children’s Charity
  2. Mike Dixon – Miss World Music Director
  3. Andrew Minarik – Miss World Stylish
  4. Alexandria Mills – Miss World 2010 from USA
  5. Maria Harfanti – Indonesian model, Miss World 2015 2nd Runner-up, Beauty with a Purpose winner, Miss Indonesia 2015
  6. Halle Berry – American actress & model, Miss World United States 1986
  7. Lynda Carter – American actress “Wonder Woman”, Miss World United States 1972
  8. Jeff Gordon – One of the top NASCAR drivers for more than two decades, has won acclaim as a four-time Sprint Cup Series champ & Daytona 500 winner three times. Founder of Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital in Concord, N.C to help children with cancer.
  9. Ms. Terry Mungai – CEO Ashleys Limited, National Director of Miss World Kenya
  10. Ken Warwick – Hollywood executive producers, including America’s Got Talent and American Idol
Here it is, my prediction for Miss World 2016 hosts and judges. All of those name were just prediction (and also my wish for Ms. Julia Morley to fulfill). For valid information about Miss World 2016 just check the official website.

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